Our Story

FairRose is the culmination of 8 years of style, love, struggle, and grind.  When  my  wife  and I moved in with each other 8 years ago, Fairfax and Melrose was our hub, our epicenter.   It's  where  we  grew  together  and decided to get married.   Our heart is FairRose.   The experiences we’ve had with the  streetwear  and  fashion scene near this intersection helped shape who we are today, which are exhibited in our garments.


FairRose is not for the masses, but for those with an appreciation for exclusivity, trendiness, and  high  quality materials.   We use locally sourced vendors, ensuring that all garment distressing, patches, and tags are added by hand. We create only 209 of each piece, and most will vary slightly from the next.  This number, 209, comes from the address of co-founder Jacquie's grandfather, a number she sees everywhere in her life.

Our Mission

Luxury garments created to lift the customer’s style and confidence through high quality fabric, refined design, and a close attention to detail. These are the qualities that we exemplify at FairRose.